Entitled Much?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been asking myself this.

Do I feel entitled?

Am I a bit spoiled….okay, okay, if you know me at all, we all know that I’m way spoiled. Moving on…

Are my expectations too high though?

I love being able to support other small business owners. And, I love Mary Kay’s Eye Make Up remover. I have an amazing friend that taught me so much about great customer service when I got started with my Scentsy business. Kate was truly phenomenal at remembering names and making her customers feel like they were her only customers. And she NEVER let you run out of the products that you loved….even when you lived 2,000 miles apart. Unfortunately, with the news of carrying twins, she decided that her focus could no longer be on her business and she let it go.

So, recently I posted in an online community site on Facebook that I was looking for a local Mary Kay consultant to buy this product from. I had ELEVEN consultants contact me to tell me that they had it in stock. I asked each of them when they might be able to drop it by the house or even meet up at a mutually convenient time close by.

Six of those women never responded to my response.

Two of them simply sent me a link to their website when I responded.

Two of the women offered to meet me, 15 minutes away, but were only available at dinner time on a week day. While I understand and appreciate that they have a 40 hour a week job in addition to their business, this would never work for me as that is defined as family time.

And one of the women agreed to meet me right down the street, but didn’t actually show up.

I was annoyed and frustrated and then I started wondering if I was expecting too much. I mean, Target won’t deliver the items I want/need. Was I expecting too much from these consultants simply because they wouldn’t deliver? I always give my customers the option of me dropping it by or them stopping by my place. If they are far enough away that it doesn’t make sense to make the drive, I will have it shipped within a few days.

Then it hit me. First, Target and other retail stores have hours that allow me to fit them into my schedule. Most home based business’, this is not the case. Let’s face it, even if your business is your sole focus every day, you can’t be open 14-24 hours a day, seven days a week. Second, buying from any small business is about giving back to your local community, it’s about that personal connection and not being one of the ‘herd’.

I don’t (and wouldn’t) expect a consultant to drop everything the minute I say, ‘Hey! I need more of this.’ and rush it straight to my door, but I’ve always expected that I could get it from them in a fairly quick time frame and mostly at my convenience.

You get one shot to make a first impression.

I buy from those people that are:
1. clearly working their business
2. I know, like and trust

I did finally buy the products from a consultant, but not from any of those eleven women. Actually, not even from someone in my own state. Why? Because none of them gave me the confidence that building their business was a priority or that I would be able to depend on them for good customer service in the future.

Your thoughts? Am I overly entitled? Expecting too much?



The Final Countdown

As others are spending long weekends on the lake, our family is beginning our ‘final countdown’ to Jeff’s 6 month deployment. Okay, technically it’s a 5.5 month deployment, but we hold no delusions that the Air Force will not run as usual……a little behind schedule. Hehe. ASSUMING that he arrives home exactly 5.5 months after departing though, TODAY puts us at the 3.5 month mark.


This has been the toughest separation by a long shot. Probably the most stressful too. But, as the days tick away, we know we are one day closer to being reunited.

Anytime Jeff deploys, we send TONS of care packages that contain things not just for him, but those he works with as well. Most of it is silliness. Games, magazines, food that will actually make it across the pond given the time and extreme temperatures they will encounter. Every two weeks, one of these boxes are sealed up, mailed off and another box set out for things to be dropped into as we stumble across stuff in our daily lives that would be fun to send. The next box out has Scentsy’s Scent of the Month for June. Everyone loves getting the boxes with Scentsy in it…….at least when Jeff shares it anyway. He might have hoarded a couple of the bars I’ve sent over!

This weekend, we hope that you are with your family and friends celebrating our freedom, but do please take a moment to remember what this ‘holiday’ is truly about. Those men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Our thoughts and prayers are always with all of the families that we know personally, and those that we don’t, that have lost their hero. You are not forgotten.


Chocolate Covered Roses?!?!?!

Why yes, please and thank you!

Cancun? All Expenses Paid?


Scentsy Family is offering up the opportunity to earn an all expenses paid trip to Cancun Mexico for our annual leadership training! And, if I must say so myself, this is by far, the EASIEST trip to earn ever offered!

I would be so honored to help you launch and new and exciting business while earning this trip for yourself!

I’m so in love with this…….


Our family and friends always have an incredibly enjoyable, interactive meal when we gather around this table top grill!


Find more info at: https://scarder.velata.us

Or, reach out to me personally. I absolutely adore getting to meet new people and sharing unique ways to help bring your family together for quality time!

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Hosting an online event?

In todays hustle and bustle world, people are busier than ever. Convenience is often key. Creating a virtual event is an added way to boost your sales, networking and just plain getting your name out there more. 

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean that you don’t still have to prepare for the event, engage your audience and create an enthusiastic environment. 

Add a little jazz to create a special and fun invitation. Be sure to let people know to be on the look out for a special invite from you! This way, you will have piqued their curiosity and they won’t think it’s spam when it shows up in their messages. 

This isn’t a ‘set it and forget’ type of thing either! Make sure that you are interacting on the event page in the week leading up to the event. Send out reminders via email, texting and (gasp) calling your guests! Use the, I’ll contact you times three rule, you should be golden! Invite, reminder a few days before and then another reminder an hour or so before the event starts. 

Let them know that there will be exciting incentives offered to everyone that attends. Perhaps offer a discount or special promotion. Play a game that allows them to earn points for interacting with the posts. Something unique. It doesn’t have to be anything big. People love to feel special and even the smallest of offerings will give them that feeling! 

Start on time. For goodness sake, start on time! 

Keep it brief! If you can keep it to less than 30 minutes, awesome! No more than an hour though! EVER! 

Keep the pace moving without overloading them so much that they can’t keep up. This means that you are focused on the event, responding to questions, comments and moving on the moment it slows down a little. Pick  your top-selling products to share and address your most frequently asked questions. If someone seems to want to ask a ton of questions or wants more information, let them know that you will chat with them one on one via phone, text or messenger to answer all of their questions once the event is over. That way you can assure that you have given them the time and attention they need and deserve. 

Use visuals! Pictures, videos (30 seconds or less preferably). If you have them prepared in advance, it’s super easy to plug them in every other post or so. This will help you keep them engaged even further.

Be social and engaging by providing plenty of prompts/opportunity for conversation. Ask them questions. High energy, fun and enthusiasm will create an environment that will make people want to participate! 

When wrapping it up, provide a clear explanation of how to order. Remind them of any specials/promotions you are offering. For instance, free shipping or 10% off if you order within the next 30 minutes. Share the business opportunity with them by sharing why you love doing what you do and provide them with information on how they too can be a successful small business owner!

Let your guests know that you will be online for a period of time once the event is over to answer questions, offer personal one on one service and provide any help that they may need. You’ll want to be available for 30 minutes or so. Take this time to gather their contact information as well. Send each guest a message thanking them for attending, ask if they have any questions or if there is anything you can do to help with choosing the perfect products for their needs. Request permission to add them to your monthly newsletter. These personal touches will demonstrate that you are a cut above the rest and will provide them with confidence that they are in good hands!

Have you tried this already? I’d love to hear what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past! 

Haven’t tried it, but think you will now? Share here with us!!!!!

Interested in attending one of my Facebook parties? Let me know and I’ll get you invited to the next one!  

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Independent Scentsy Family Director, Air Force Wife and mother to two working to build her dreams while helping others to do the same! Sharing what a day in the life of this Scentsy consultant is like. Hopefully this blog will give you some insight into starting, building and maintaining your own small business, no matter your choice in companies! Perhaps even a few laughs as I am far from an expert at this, but do so love having the ability to help those out there that would like it! Take what works for you and toss the rest!

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